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Set in 8 acres of mature woodland, Cockley Woodland Wellness is situated with commanding and stunning views across the countryside between Huddersfield and Wakefield, Yorkshire.

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To Cockley Woodland Wellness, a place to connect with nature through outdoor yoga, movement and wellness occasions for the mind and body.

In this wild, unique and transformative space we celebrate nature and you can relax, renew and build your inner and outer strength. The setting is 8 acres of mature woodland, dating back to the 1790’s, gently and magically situated with commanding and stunning views across the countryside between Huddersfield and Wakefield, Yorkshire.

Our inspiring and original programme is designed for you to enjoy moments of self through a variety of restorative and strengthening yoga practises, sound, movement and meditation classes whilst developing a wellness conscious community to support and energise each other and the environment.

Beth & Thomas Smith

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour

Augeries of Innocence – William Blake

About Cockley Woodland Wellness

Cockley Woodland Wellness was borne out of recognition of the importance of safety and wellness utilising natural outdoor spaces – there is nothing more empowering than trees and nature.

Our trees are mainly Sycamore and Silver Birch, historically symbolizing strength, protection, and new beginnings, renewal and purification – this is indeed a magical place to breathe and restore.

Our Philosophy


Our aim is to provide a unique sense of reconnection through nature, a restorative time to rebalance, strengthen and empower mind and body. We offer a range of practises to help you to connect and discover how to enjoy and explore movement and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Our outdoor spaces for classes and talks include our private woodland, a stunning natural form Tepee and outdoor pit fires, forever using natural beauty as our decoration. Within an outdoor space you can feel relaxed and invigorated by the natural world, whatever the weather, we have the space – it is Yorkshire after all!

Move & Explore

Leaving thoughts of the gym behind we are keen to encourage and inspire natural movement ‘green space exercise’  –  this is because any kind of activity taken outdoors is known to help foster a more peaceful, harmonious way of being – all of this can help to reduce feelings of tiredness and anxiety – feelings that have been challenged over the last 2 years.

Assist & Inspire

Wellness is an individual and a shared adventure and one of the most enriching aspects of this journey can be making new friends. Supporting each other, discovering and celebrating achievements together.

We are keen to build a supportive community here at Cockley Woodland and encourage our members to stay for a while after their class. This can be to continue breathing in the fresh woodland air, or to share a drink and chat with like minded people.

Classes, talks, coffee days, mental health awareness days, arranged through local collaborations to enhance the Cockley Woodland Wellness experience. We want this to be a shared space.

Our Classes

You can book a class via the timetable below, or by downloading the Glofox App

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Welcome in the day with a dynamic flow as we consciously breath in the woodland air, move the energy around our bodies and release our minds. Stay for a coffee or be home in time for work.

This course includes 4 classes on consecutive weeks. Expect a fun, gentle introduction into the world of yoga and all it’s benefits for mind, body and soul. You will be guided through the key yoga postures of a hatha vinyasa flow class. With emphasis on correct alignment and breathing techniques, this course will ensure you receive the maximum benefits from your future yoga practice.

Our classic vinyasa flow class We move between postures seamlessly and gently, coordinating movement with the breath. Expect flowing movements as we build strength and mobility and balance.

A treat for all the senses. This class will provide a space to reflect and set intentions for the week ahead. We begin with a restorative yoga flow, including strong standing postures as we root our intentions into the soil, followed by seated stretches and twists to detox the mind and body. This practice will prepare our minds and bodies for a beautiful relaxing Crystal Bowl Sound Bath. 45 minutes of deep relaxation as the sounds and vibrations echo through our bodies, bringing calmness.

A reset for the week ahead. This class will provide a space to reflect and set intentions for the week ahead. We begin by exploring different meditation techniques, followed by a restorative yoga flow. Think strong standing postures as we root our intentions into the soil, followed by seated stretches and twists to detox the mind and body. We will end with a long savasana, breathing in the woodland air.

Fire Flow is exactly as it sounds. We get that fire moving around our bodies in a dynamic, powerful, vinyasa flow yoga class. It will incorporate playful sequences and strong postures to invigorate the body and mind, and get the energy flowing.
This class is suitable to all abilities, although some knowledge of key postures and sun salutations will be useful as the class is a faster pace.


We work alongside specialist instructors to offer unique wellness events. See below the calendar for descriptions of individual events. Please always feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.


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Memberships and Packages

Our aim at Cockley Woodland is to provide multiple options so that you can get the most from your yoga practice. 
Whether you’re aiming to practice once a week, get a class in when you can around a busy schedule, or bring yoga into your daily life, we have memberships, class passes, or single booking options to work for all. 
Please note, the Beginners Course is not included in the payment options and is purchased as a course of 4 classes. We hope that after you have had this introduction to the practice you can then decide which option would work best for you. 
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Meet Beth – Our Founder and Yoga Instructor

I have been practicing yoga for a number of years, beginning as a form of self-care whilst undertaking my veterinary nurse training. I attended a number of different studios, but nothing quite compared to a practice outdoors in nature.

The woodland really allowed me to feel my practice rather than just performing the postures. It gave me space to be mindful and rest my thoughts. This lead to the birth of Cockley Woodland Wellness in 2022. Meeting people throughout our first season and seeing the benefit the woodland was having on others inspired me to deepen my practice to be able to share my love of yoga with you all. Therefore I completed my teacher training in Vinyasa Flow yoga at the start of 2023 in Barcelona.

My classes aim to inspire you to let go of your ego and listen to your body to really feel the movements and the breath. Expect a fluid practice, where the breath is our leader as we build strength and mobility into our bodies and stillness and clarity to our minds.

Cockley Woodland Wellness Beth our Yoga Instructor
Cockley Woodland Wellness Callum our Yoga Instructor

Meet Callum – Our Yoga Instructor

Yoga has been a part of my life for over 6 years, and my practice has helped me grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat.

Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully. I decided to take a leap and booked a plane ticket to the other side of the world to deepen my yoga knowledge in Bali, and here I am today with no regrets. For me, yoga is about the balance between: strength, flexibility, exertion and releasing.

My classes combine both strength and mobility work in a dynamic, Vinyasa Flow/Hatha style. Expect to move, laugh and breathe. I love to combine creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your practice. I seek to help others thrive in life by nurturing body, mind and soul with yoga. My hope is that you step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced.

Cockley Woodland Wellness Lucy our Yoga Instructor

Meet Lucy – Yoga teacher and leader of our Moon Ceremonies

I fell in love with Yoga 7 years ago during my 2nd pregnancy; the peace and calm I found in slowing down and breathing consciously was life changing. I instantly knew I had found my Dharma and was meant to share these amazing tools of meditation & movement, so I set about on the first of many teacher training courses.

I love being out in nature, I follow the moon cycles, the sacred seasons & have adopted a variety of other spiritual practices, rituals & ceremonies that help me find a touch of peace within the chaos of daily life.

My events are influenced by energy work and include movement, sound & breath techniques to heal & transform your mind, body & soul.

Meet Sarah – Moon Hands Sound Therapy

Over the last decade I’ve been volunteering with the recycling team at Glastonbury and the healing fields have proved far more alluring than in previous years and it is at Glastonbury where I experienced my first sound bath. 
But why wait for Glasto? I couldn’t! So I did a little research, undertook my training with Chang Mai Holistics based out in Thailand and Moon Hands Sound Therapy was created so I could share these magical and mesmerising sounds with the wider community.  By immersing oneself into these beautiful sounds participants can reconnect with themselves in a beautiful, calming and serene atmosphere.
Sound healing, which is also known as sound therapy, has been practiced since ancient times. The concept of sound therapy is based on the idea that every part of your body creates a vibration which resonates in a certain way. Put another way, vibrational healing is based on the idea that everything in the universe – including our bodies – is in a state of vibration.
Each and every sound bath experience is unique and you will feel leaving relaxed, rested and rebalanced.

The Gallery

Cockley Woodland Wellness is a place for pure enjoyment.
The fresh air is energising, uplifting and stimulating – ancient wisdoms…

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